Claudia Englmann is a German fashion editor, stylist and creative director/Consultant to luxury brands, based in Barcelona.

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Portfolio personal project - Claudia Englmann
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aka, all the beautiful looks or accessories I picked, but never got published in my editorials.

please meet all this cool ladies and their <ULTIMATEFASHIONDARE>

to start this project with a selfie is quiet an inflated view of one`s importance to begin with, but thats actually how it all started.

after having tons of unuseful selfies, seeing too much of my face and nothing from the looks, mirror selfies are such a bore! I frustratedly decided to shoot everything on my female friends, and that made me so much happier!

here I am wearing a 20ties gown of Julia´s dressing. a store everybody with love for unique Vintage pieces should go and visit.

the emerald colored slippers are by Aquazurra



Xantal, the smart and beautiful  young entrepreneur is the founder of Vandômian, online shop for exquisite jewelry. Xantal chooses only very special and unique pieces of young Designers.

her <ULTIMATE FASHIONDARE>….. are shoulder pats.

seeing her mom upholstering her T-shirts and wearing them with a high waisted denim……..very now indeed.

Xantal is wearing a cotton blouse from Maje and Jewelry from Vandômian.



Silke, the fashion writer for SZ magazine, and mother of two redheads aka the “rockets” and author of the coffetablebook “The Germans”.

when asked about her <ULTIMATEFASHIONDARE> her answer came quiet fast.

<Cowboyboots>last time worn with 13 (really?) but borrowed by a friend. Her Mum freaked out she would ruin her feet…..still walking quiet ok though….

Silke is wearing a floral dress from mrselfportrait(…and got featured with this image on the mrselfpotraitinsta, yassss….)



BIRTE, this gorgeous mother of two and founder of Familienbande, a jewelry brand with sincere family spirit and personalized design for each customer.

her <ULTIMATEFASHIONDARE> was….. a catsuit!

wheeeee got VERY close to that, but she loved the stunning curry colored Jumpsuit from Talbot Runhof. can’t think who could wear this better.




this is HOUDA, the moroccan/german Designer of Kilikaftan and part-time producer who wasn’t sure about her feet, especially hated her toes.

her <ULTIMATEFASHIONDARE> are “open toe heels”………

we totally respect her opinion, but well…..we love the rest

Houda is wearing a transparent lace gown from Odeeh


GIGI, my beloved überbeautiful life time nomadic Pilates instructor who teaches all around the world. when the cat slave/animal lover/nature junky was asked about her <ULTIMATEFASHIONDARE> her answer was “STILL GRUNGE ALLERGIC”

…since the 90ties, ok well than.

had to convince her to wear a bit of a BLING .

Gigi is wearing a white shirt from Celine (of course) milles feuilles diamond earring from Alexandra Darier and a hat of Maison Michel.